If you’ve rode any of our routes and would like to submit a time, then please email us with details and evidence for us to scrutinise at

Evidence could be a Strava or Garmin recording, or something similar.

Please note; These FKT’s are NOT in their purest forms, ie: individual riders with no support, no pre-planned caches and no drafting etc!

The Northants Way;

Sam Piercey;                  7h 4m
Steve Coombs;              7h 18m
Paul Dickens;                 7h 18m
Alex Redwood;               8h 20m
Anthony Bowmer;          8h 37m (ebike)
Mark Poole;                    8h 59m
Andrew Woodhead;       8h 59m
Jim Billings;                    11h 15m
Phil Clarke;                     11h 15m
Jonathan Cook;              11h 15m
Dean Grasby;                 11h 15m
Gavin Noble;                  11h 40m

The Smoke Ring;

Matt Jones;         15h 55m