The Tri-Duro

A brand new concept to MTB racing..

A mountain bike Tri-Duro is a brand new format of racing created by Mtb Epics UK.
It is basically three different MTB disciplines (Hill climb, Downhill and XC) that will be raced individually against the clock.

How does it work?
It works by a points scoring system. Whichever rider is quickest on the Hill Climb will score 1 point, 2nd quickest will score 2 points and so on.. This scoring method is also used for the Downhill discipline..

After the Hill Climb and Downhill disciplines are completed, the points are then added together. These totals will then decide the running order of the final discipline – XC. The rider with the highest combined score will go first, whilst the lowest combined scorer will go last. Points will be awarded as before, with the quickest XC time scoring 1 point.

The LOWEST combined points tally over the three disciplines will be the overall winner.

There will also be at least one non-timed transition where riders will need to navigate between disciplines.
Riders will be designated to a specific group and will need to adhere to the strict event timetable.

Organisers –  Mtb Epics UK & The Northants Outcasts
Based in Northampton, The Mtb Epics UK team have been organising MTB events for the past seven years. The popular and growing Solstice 100 event has become an annual fixture for local (and further afield) riders. Also, we continue to build a catalogue of multi-day long distance events in different parts of the UK.

The Northants Outcasts are a Northampton based MTB collective. Some have a background in XC racing but all just love to get out and ride. The Outcasts play an important role in supporting local events including hosting a round of the FNSS.

– Entrants must be 18 or over
– Riders must wear a helmet at all times (including transitions)
– Bikes must be defined as a MTB. No CX/gravel bikes allowed
– No eBikes
– 26″, 27.5″ or 29er wheel sizes are all allowed
– Minimum 1.8″ tyre width
– The same bike must be used throughout all three disciplines – if it breaks, then you’ll have to quickly repair it!
  (Your bike will need to be registered on the day of the event)

*Failure to comply to any of these rules will result in disqualification.